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  • Vertical Gardens: Harnessing the Power of Sead Pod Planters to Revitalize Urban Spaces

    Vertical Gardens: Harnessing the Power of Sead Pod Planters to Revitalize Urban Spaces

    Living in an urban area often means confronting a stark concrete jungle that lacks the comforting presence of nature. It's a reality many city-dwellers grapple with. But, there is a solution: vertical gardens. These innovative installations, particularly those made using...

  • Sead Pod Vertical Garden planters are hung from a chain link fence at a school

    Greening the Classroom: The Benefits of Vertical Gardens in Schools

    Introduction From enhancing learning experiences to promoting sustainability, vertical gardens bring numerous benefits to schools. Growing plants on vertical surfaces like walls or fences, these gardens can serve as dynamic teaching tools while contributing to a healthier, greener environment. Educational...

  • A sead pod vertical garden planter hanging on a chain link fence next to a basketball court

    Start Small, Grow Tall: The Joy of Growing a Vertical Garden One Planter at a Time

    Growing a vertical garden doesn't have to be overwhelming, even for beginners. The beauty of vertical gardening lies in its scalability - you can start small and gradually build up. With our recycled plastic wall planters, you can transform any...

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Vertical Gardening

    A Comprehensive Guide to Vertical Gardening

    Introduction Embark on the journey of vertical gardening, an innovative method that transforms ordinary indoor and outdoor walls into lively, green canvases. Vertical gardening, also known as living walls, has gained significant traction recently, thanks to its countless psychological and...

  • What is Guerrilla Gardening?

    What is Guerrilla Gardening?

    To put it simply, it’s gardening without permission. But what’s so bad about claiming a space and making it better with plants?
  • Inside the Design - Recycled Plastic

    Inside the Design - Recycled Plastic

    Sead Pods are made exclusively from recycled plastic as a way to combat single-use plastic waste. Take a look inside our manufacturing process to learn about how we make every piece count.

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