Transform your environment

With Plant Seads, the sky’s the limit

How it worksSead Pods make planting anywhere a breeze

  • Step 1: Unbox

    Your new Sead Pod includes our versatile planter and a hanger attachment.

  • Step 2: Plant

    Add about an inch of soil and your favorite plant, then top it off and pat the soil down gently.

  • Step 3: Hang

    Choose the perfect spot to hang your Sead Pod.

  • Step 4: Water

    Water your plant and watch it grow!

Ways to use your Sead PodsThe most versatile planter you’ll ever own

Chain link fence

Sead Pods were originally designed with chain link fences in mind. With our hanger attachment, you can hook the planter directly onto any chain link fence for easy install and removal.

Wooden fences

Using the mounting holes in the back of the Sead Pod, you can easily install the planter directly onto any outdoor wooden fence.


We recommend using the hanger attachment and screwing directly into the drywall so that your Sead Pod can easily be removed for watering and care without harming your walls.

Balcony railings

For narrow railings, you can use our hanger attachment to secure your Sead Pod to the railing. For wooden railings, you can drill the planter directly into the railing for a secure fit.

Hanging planter

Connecting two planters back-to-back, loop a long and sturdy rope or cable through the existing hanger holes and tie off using a Lark’s head knot or strong alternative. Then you can hang your Sead Pods from the ceiling, balconies and more!

The Botanical BulletinGet inspired with gardening tips, planting tricks, creative uses and more!

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