By Bryan Meador

Choosing the Right Plants for Your Vertical Planter

A man stands in front of his vertical garden assessing the selections he has made in what plants he wants to cultivate - plant seads
Vertical gardening is a fantastic way to bring nature into your urban home, but the key to a thriving vertical garden is choosing the right plants. Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or new to gardening, selecting plants that suit your living space and lifestyle is crucial, especially when using sustainable vertical garden planters.

A person tending to a vertical garden planter who clearly understands the environment - Plant Seads

Understanding Your Environment

Before choosing your plants, consider the environmental conditions of your space. How much sunlight does your area receive? Is it a windy balcony or a calm indoor space? Understanding these factors is essential for a flourishing vertical garden.
Vertical Garden over water - lots of plants and diversity - plant seads

Best Plants for Vertical Gardening

For Sunny Spaces: Succulents, like sedum or echeveria, are ideal for sunny, dry areas. They thrive in direct sunlight and require minimal water, making them perfect for busy urban gardeners.
For Shaded Areas: Ferns and hostas are great options for less sunny spaces. They bring lush greenery and texture to your vertical garden without needing direct sunlight.
Edible Options: Herbs like basil, parsley, and chives are excellent for vertical planters. They don’t require a lot of root space and offer the added benefit of fresh, organic produce right in your kitchen.
Flowering Plants: For a pop of color, consider petunias, marigolds, or pansies. These flowers can create a vibrant display in your recycled plastic vertical planter.
A woman caring for her vertical garden - plant seads

Plant Care and Maintenance

Choosing low-maintenance plants is crucial for a successful vertical garden, especially in a busy urban setting. Opt for plants that require similar amounts of water and sunlight for easier care. Remember, good drainage is vital in vertical gardening - ensure your eco-friendly planters provide adequate drainage to keep your plants healthy.
A massive vertical garden on a skyscraper that is very cohesive and looks amazing - plant seads

Creating a Cohesive Look

Consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Mix and match different textures, colors, and heights to create a visually appealing garden. Our range of recycled plastic vertical garden planters comes in various designs to complement your plant selection and décor.
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Selecting the right plants for your vertical garden planter is a delightful and creative process. With our sustainable and stylish planters, you can transform your small urban space into a green sanctuary. Explore our website for more tips and to find the perfect planter for your green oasis!